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Alan Vanell, MA, LMHC

With immense happiness Dr. Fallon welcomes Alan Vanell, MA, LMHC to once again join one of her clinical teams where their shared passion, dedication, and love for providing individualized mental health care in ways that embrace diversity and inclusiveness can come together again. In 2015 Dr. Fallon initially had the pleasure of interviewing and hiring Alan as a talented therapist at a community mental health clinic she was overseeing at the time. Alan’s impressive clinical skills as well as his kindness, approachability, and passion he brought to work as a colleague and as a therapist left a memorable mark and Dr. Fallon could not be happier after all of these years to have the opportunity to invite Alan to this team in the role of Clinical Supervisor where he now brings with him over a decade of diverse clinical experience in the field of mental health.


Alan’s passion for learning, growing, and providing the most optimal care is in part evidenced by his extensive specialized training in the fields of psychology and mental health counseling that go well beyond his MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from George Washington University. Alan’s wealth of diverse experience as a practicing clinician, deep knowledge base, and his exceptionally kind and compassionate demeanor inform his work both as a Clinical Supervisor and as a therapist.


Alan’s overarching therapeutic goal is to create a safe relationship that relies on trust, respect, and patience; to compose a pathway that allows for him and his clients to insightfully explore the client’s inner thoughts and feelings to bring transformative changes and meaning to their present life.


Alan works dynamically and collaboratively to explore the inner thoughts and feelings of his clients to bring positive changes and meaning to their present life. In addition, Alan utilizes specific ways to discover the inner resources/skills of his clients to help them more optimally cope with daily stressors, relationship problems, trauma, anxiety, depression, and other concerns.


Alan is a certified EMDR therapist (EMDRIA approved) and has specialized training in Attachment-based protocol with resource tapping. In addition, Alan is trained in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), which emphasizes the importance of a strong/safe therapeutic relationship to “undo-aloneness” and process emotions to completion through a secure relationship with the therapist.


Alan has a passion for diversity and inclusiveness for all the many people who exist within this world and he strives to provide non-judgmental, affirming, and empathic therapy and supervision to all people, no matter how you may identify.


As a supervisor and clinician, it is Alan’s goal to help detect the many positive strengths and qualities that already exist within his supervisees and clients, that are waiting to be discovered and transformed into their present life. Alan strives to provide a diverse strength-based style of supervision to promote clinical growth and education. 

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