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Lauren Constantini, MA, MHC-LP, MBA


Dr. Fallon’s Practice is thrilled to welcome Lauren Constantini, MHC-LP to our growing team of psychotherapists! Lauren is a Mental Health Counselor with a Limited Permit who brings to the practice a deep passion and excitement for the field of mental health along with an impressive education and professional journey spanning multiple industries. Lauren holds a BA in Psychology from Cornell University, a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from New York University, and a Masters of Business Administration from Johns Hopkins.

Lauren is deeply passionate about helping people who are experiencing interpersonal/relationship difficulties and challenges. Humans are social beings at our core, and we have a shared desire to connect with others. Relationships can face obstacles and misalignment, and when individuals come together in a therapeutic setting with a genuine desire to learn about themselves, each other, and how their own history impacts the current dynamic, growth and strengthening of the relationship bond can occur. Lauren finds immense joy in helping people who are struggling with relationships gain greater insights into one another to unlock deeper levels of connection, vulnerability, and love.


Lauren also especially enjoys working with individuals who are struggling with life transitions, relationships, anxiety, depression, work/life balance, family dynamics, phase-of-life issues, trauma, and self-worth. Lauren believes a more holistic approach to understanding growth and evolution of the self allows clients to acknowledge, process, and ultimately rewrite their narrative to align with who they are becoming and who they want to be so that they can live a more authentic life.

Lauren helps clients to become more empowered, build a stronger sense of identity, enhance their self-awareness, and to feel more confident in their decisions. Lauren’s style is open, collaborative, and empathic while maintaining a therapeutic process that is always tailored to meet the needs and goals of each individual.


At the core of Lauren’s therapeutic process is her belief that the journey to finding one’s purpose is key to living a more fulfilling life and that it is only when we recognize how our earlier experiences influence the development of our thoughts, beliefs, and relationships that we can begin to make intentional change. Lauren empowers clients to exercise agency over their lives while reinforcing their existing strengths. She encourages clients to feel more comfortable being introspective and to develop a sense of curiosity about their own thoughts and feelings. Lauren is extremely passionate about helping her clients foster a deeper understanding of themselves, cultivate insight into their current struggles, reduce emotional distress, and enhance their relationships.

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