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Sadé Barksdale, MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT, LPAT


Dr. Fallon’s Practice is truly excited to introduce our newest team member, Sadé Barksdale, who is licensed to practice psychotherapy and creative art therapy in New York. Sadé’s passion for the field, genuineness, impressive skillset, experience, warmth, and core professional values are just part of what makes her an incredible clinician and valued team member at Dr. Fallon’s Practice.


Sadé’s therapeutic style is person-centered, strength based, culturally aware/affirming and holistic. Sadé creates a safe and welcoming environment to allow people working with her to show up as their true and authentic selves! In meeting her clients where they are Sadé draws from her training and diverse experience in both psychotherapy and Creative Art Therapy to best meet the needs of each individual client.


In therapeutic partnership with her clients Sadé facilitates an exploration of what may be getting in the way of a more rewarding life. She helps her clients to find liberation from painful past experiences, overwhelming stressors, and a negative self-image. She is extremely passionate about helping her clients to no longer limit themselves with doubt and discouragement.


Sadé is also extremely passionate about assisting folks with marginalized identities lean into their true selves by breaking patterns, healing inner wounds, developing healthier relationships, and gaining supportive and encouraging self-beliefs. She is effective in helping clients to unapologetically live life in ways that reflect who they truly are.


Some of Sadé’s specialties include: generalized anxiety, depression, adjustment to challenging life circumstances or transitions, social anxiety, racial/ancestral trauma, self-esteem, and assisting people with relationships struggles. Sadé enjoys working with all clients and is especially passionate about providing safe and creative spaces to BIPOC and individuals with historically marginalized identities. 

Helping her clients rewrite their narrative to be more valid and empowering while discovering new ways for them to lean into their inherent strengths is at the heart of Sadé’s clinical work. If you feel Sadé is a good fit for you or your family’s mental health needs, please call or email our administrative support team to schedule an appointment.

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Sade Barksdale,MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT, LPAT

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