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Administrative Support

Our administrative team grows alongside of our clinical team! Our highly trained and empathetic client care coordinators will continue to provide the same personalized administrative support that has been synonymous with Dr. Fallon’s Practice for many years. We will continue growing slowly and responsibly ensuring there is always an abundance of support available for clients and clinicians alike.


At Dr. Fallon’s Practice automation will not replace the compassionate human touch that is so often overlooked in the technology driven practices of today. Clients can expect that their client care coordinator will be available to provide them with administrative support from their first point of contact through the entirety of their time with the practice! 


Our processes have been honed and simplified over the years to be as client friendly as possible. We respect the demanding schedules of our clients and have streamlined our scheduling and form collection for ease of use.  All forms are now electronically sent, reviewed, signed, and returned via our HIPAA compliant electronic platform.


Client care coordinators are here to assist with any administrative, billing, or scheduling questions that may come up at any point along the way.


Our administrative offices are open five days a week:

Monday – Thursday 9-4pm

Friday 9-2pm


Please note that our therapists offer sessions during regular business hours as well as early morning and evening hours.

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