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New York City
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Dr. Fallon's Practice

We are a compassionate results driven mental health practice utilizing a precision-based model of care with a top-notch administrative staff providing the highest level of personalized concierge service from the time of initial inquiry throughout the entirety of the therapeutic process.


Our team of exceptionally skilled licensed therapists provide individual counseling as well as family and relationship counseling bringing expertise to the practice in a wide range of specialty areas such as: anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, panic disorder, substance use disorders, OCD, grief and loss, challenging life transitions, family and relationship concerns, eating disorders, self-esteem and confidence struggles, as well as many others. Our therapists offer sessions during and outside of the traditional workday including early mornings and late evenings to clients who are physically located in New York at the time of therapy.


Our clinical team is provided with opportunities for peer support fostering a true sense of community within the practice. This pervasive feeling of comradery positively impacts the morale, creativity, and energy of our team members which directly enhances positive outcomes for the clients we help. The environment at Dr. Fallon’s Practice is nurturing, warm, and supportive for clients and clinicians alike. Everyone on our team brings their own unique set of experiences, specialties, and modalities to the practice while sharing the core values of empathy, respect and compassion for all!

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