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Bérengère Howard, MA, MHC-LP


With genuine joy and excitement, we are thrilled to welcome Bérengère Howard, MA, MHC-LP to the team at Dr. Fallon’s Practice! Bérengère is a New York State Mental Health Counselor (Limited Permit) and a member of Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology.  Bérengère joins our clinical team with a deep passion to provide compassionate, ethical, and theoretically grounded therapy at a time when the need for highly skilled and individualized therapeutic care has become paramount.


Bérengère’s emerging identity as a clinician is akin to her fascination with Kintsugi; a Japanese art process that involves taking broken pieces of pottery, and reconstructing said pieces with gold lacquer. Instead of rendering the fragmented pieces of pottery as “damaged” or “disposable,” the artist is intentional about taking those fragments, and recreating new beauty; where flaws and imperfections are emphasized and viewed as points of strength, resilience, and a capacity for restoration. With this concept in mind, her desire is to give individuals room to share their “broken pieces;” their scars, stories, experiences, perspectives, and struggles. She longs for them to consider: what does beauty look like for them? How can she help them envision a future laced with hope? She aims to walk alongside clients with gentleness and non-judgment, while offering and providing necessary tools and strategies aimed to shift belief systems and behaviors that aim to bring them harm; this is done with her unyielding belief that everyone has a story worthy of being heard, made sense of, and transformed. 


Bérengère has experience with and enjoys providing complex therapeutic care to people struggling with divorce and marital concerns, mood disorders, assertiveness, athletic injury, grief, interpersonal problems, relationship challenges, childhood sexual abuse, attachment difficulties, academic concerns, goal setting, and stress management.


Bérengère utilizes a strength-based and person-centered perspective to create an environment that allows clients to feel safe expressing their deepest vulnerabilities and most pressing concerns so that relief, healing, growth, emotional exploration, and an increasing sense of self-awareness can take place. Bérengère incorporates a variety of therapeutic modalities to assist her clients in achieving their goals for wellness and success. 


In this present season, Bérengère’s heart is to continue growing in the knowledge and understanding of childhood trauma; she desires to give the “adult child” validation and a space to discover their voice; while empowering them to transform what is shattered, into a work of art. 

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