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About Dr. Fallon

Karla Fallon, PhD, EdM, MA, LMHC


Prior to opening her private practice in 2015 Dr. Fallon dedicated the entirety of her career to the development, implementation, and growth of mental health programs in some of NYC’s most underserved communities. There Dr. Fallon lived her passion of improving the lives of the clients served by large scale mental health programs and organizations while also prioritizing improvement to the workplace environments and cultures for her teams of clinicians and staff members. In addition to achieving tremendous advancement in scope, size, and quality of services provided to communities, Dr. Fallon’s non-negotiable attention to employee needs and professional development resulted in significantly enhanced job and life satisfaction, morale, comradery, retention, and upward mobility for clinical and administrative team members.

Dr. Fallon has deep gratitude for the communities, people, experiences, and challenges of her fifteen years as a clinician and leader in the field of community mental health which continue to inform the person she is today. It is with this in mind that Dr. Fallon’s Practice established its roots in the diverse hustle and bustle of NYC just steps away from the famed Grand Central Station in the well-known building of 100 Park Avenue. The practice's robust and loyal referral base speaks to the enduring success Dr. Fallon has had in providing individuals and families with the highest level of personalized results driven care.

Drawing on her widely recognized organizational success Dr. Fallon utilized a precision-based model of care to expand her sole practitioner practice into the most client centered, supportive, and skilled full service mental health practice available. Dr. Fallon’s decision to expand her practice grew from a genuine desire to meet the demand to help and support many more people than she was capable of as a sole practitioner and to once again provide a space for highly skilled clinicians to come together in a supportive, caring, and results driven environment that embraces their strengths and passions. The team at Dr. Fallon’s Practice ensures that all clients receive the highest quality person-centered therapy with concierge level administrative support from initial point of contact through the entire therapeutic process.

Dr. Fallon received an EdM in Counseling Psychology and an MA in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University in the City of New York where she learned, researched, and practiced under the field’s most well-known trailblazers. She went on to obtain a PhD in Psychology from Saybrook University in San Francisco where she studied under world renowned humanistic psychologists.

Dr. Fallon is licensed to provide therapy to clients located in New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., and Florida. She is nationally double board certified in counseling and coaching from the most rigorous certifying body (NBCC), a practitioner at the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), a long standing member of American Psychological Association (APA) and American Counseling Association (ACA), and is honored to be recognized as a Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM).

In her roles as President and CEO Dr. Fallon remains as passionate as ever about helping people improve their quality of life, achieve their goals, and learn to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

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National Board Certified Counselor
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