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Grace Reeves, MA, MHC-LP


With a deep desire to enrich the lives of fellow New Yorkers, Grace Reeves, MA, MHC-LP, has joined the clinical team at Dr. Fallon’s Practice, and our NYC Practice is thrilled to welcome her aboard! Grace, born and raised on Long Island, NY, graduated from Marist College with an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a BA in psychology with a biology minor. Grace’s experience as a championship winning NCAA Division 1 athlete in swimming and diving along, her impressive academic record, and experience in the fields of mental health and behavioral health inform her warm, compassionate, and goal-oriented therapeutic style.

Grace believes everyone should be treated with compassion and empathy because everyone has their own story. Grace meets her clients where they are and learns how to tailor her therapeutic style to meet their needs while encouraging deeper understanding and change, reducing distress in their lives, and enhancing relationships with themselves and others.

Personally experiencing the highs and lows of NCAA Division 1 athletics fuels Grace’s desire to work with athletes through a mental health perspective. Grace also has experience with and enjoys helping clients who are struggling with anxiety, relationship concerns, depression, attachment issues, developmental and physical disabilities, and trauma. Helping people who struggle with substance use has also always been of great interest to Grace which is why she completed her internship at Lexington Center for Recovery.

Trauma informed care is a cornerstone to Grace’s therapeutic style, which can broadly be described as an open, honest, and empathetic working relationship between herself and her clients. Person centered care is the basic building block of Grace’s approach to the therapeutic relationship and from there she pulls from a variety of techniques and interventions to best meet the needs of her clients, some of which include Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and Narrative Therapy.

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