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Nicole Sambat, MA, MHC-LP


Nicole Sambat, MA, MHC-LP has joined the team, and we are thrilled to have her! Nicole is a Mental Health Counselor (Limited Permit) who graduated with an MA in Forensic Mental Health Counseling from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a BA in Psychology from Baruch College, City University of New York, where she graduated with honors and was recognized with the distinction of Cum Laude.

Nicole enjoys utilizing telehealth in her work with clients providing them with easier access and greater flexibility for their individualized therapeutic care. Nicole has experience working with adults at various life stages who are struggling with different types of mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance use disorders. She is excited to expand her horizons and work with both familiar and new populations.

Nicole employs a client-centered approach by utilizing principles from motivational interviewing to ensure her clients are in control of the changes in their lives and feel confident and ready to move forward. She emphasizes the importance of all parts of the therapeutic process, be it the ambivalent stages, the mistakes, the points of relapses, and the achievement. Nicole understands that therapy is hardly ever a linear route for both the client and therapist and looks forward to collaborating with all her future clients!

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