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Insurance and Fees

We've got you covered!


In-Network | Insurance-Pay

Dr. Fallon's Practice is in-network with the health insurance companies listed above which includes hundreds of commercial plans! Our administrative team is knowledgeable and uses cutting edge technologies to help you learn the benefit details of your specific plan. Every insurance company states a disclaimer noting the information provided is not a guarantee of payment. We do our absolute best to confirm accuracy of the information and help you learn the exact costs of your therapy sessions.  If you would like us to remove the stress and time often associated with this process we are happy to help!

Out-of-Network | Self-Pay

Our private pay and out-of-network fee for all therapists is $150.00 per 45 minute session, which is due at time of service. Many insurance plans offer out of network coverage for behavioral health services, and in most cases, insurance companies will pay for a large portion or the full portion of your therapy depending on your plan’s benefit details.  For payment for our services, we accept all major credit cards as well as FSA/HSA cards. Our fee is collected in full at the time of service. We will submit your insurance claims for you and depending on your plan, your insurance company will reimburse you, or your insurer may allow assignment of benefits, and will remit payment to our practice allowing you to only pay the difference.  Let us help you learn about your out of network benefits!

Our 24 hour cancellation policy may result in a $75 fee. We are sensitive to client emergencies and extenuating circumstances and we ask our clients to please be sensitive to the time therapists reserve for their care.

Forms & Letters Policy:

Forms and letter requests are not accepted at the first appointment, and it may take more than one appointment for your therapist to learn enough about you to complete your request.

Once a therapist confirms they can complete a form/letter request please allow one week for processing.

There is a fee for filing forms and writing letters which is due once the forms/letters are ready and prior to receipt of them. The $50.00 forms/letters fee applies to each request.

Payments can be made through our client portal.


Please speak with your individual therapist about any questions related to our Forms & Letters Policy.

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