Insurance and Fees

Dr. Fallon’s Practice is an out of network provider. Following each session clients promptly receive their paid invoices containing all necessary information so they can receive their out of network reimbursement as quickly as possible.


Our fee per session is $200 - $450 depending upon which licensed therapist you would like to work with.

Dr. Fallon's Practice is proud to offer reduced rates to all current and retired first responders and their family members. If a reduced rate would be helpful to you and/or your family being able to receive the highest level of care from licensed therapists who are specially trained to work with first responders please let us know!


Dr. Fallon’s Practice accepts all major credit cards as well as HSA cards for payment. Card information is stored via our HIPAA compliant billing system and cards on file are charged in accordance with our 48 hour cancellation policy.


All new clients will receive detailed information about our practice policies and procedures when they are walked through the on-boarding process by one of our supportive administrative team members.

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