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Anaam Hussain, MA, LMHC

With much excitement we introduce to you Anaam Hussain, NYS Licensed Mental Health Counselor, who has joined The Practice with over a decade of experience in the fields of mental and behavioral health! Anaam completed her two years of required fieldwork experience under Dr. Fallon’s direct supervision. Extremely impressed with her work ethic, skill set, and compassionate care, Dr. Fallon continued to provide Anaam with supervision and mentorship after she completed her licensing requirements while also providing her extensive opportunities for growth and expanded knowledge in diverse and challenging clinical settings. Anaam has long since become an organizational leader and an incredible therapist in her own right. It is with sincere pleasure as well as genuine confidence in her strong clinical skills and character that Dr. Fallon has asked Anaam to once again join her in doing the work we love so much.


Anaam is a multicultural competent therapist who works from a strength-based perspective utilizing evidenced based techniques. She is skilled and experienced in helping people struggling with relationship and family concerns, substance use disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and difficult life transitions. Anaam is also deeply interested in women’s issues as well as the immigrant experience. Anaam’s passion to help individuals, couples, and families achieve more optimal versions of their lives is at the heart of her clinical work.


Anaam is fluent in English, Urdu, and Hindi. If you feel Anaam is a good fit for you or your family’s mental health needs, please call or email our administrative support team to schedule an appointment.

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