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Joan Determann Portrait

Joan Determann, MSW, LCSW


Joan Determann, NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is an exceptional therapist who Dr. Fallon has had the absolute joy of working with through years of professional growth together. Joan exudes empathy and kindness in her approach to therapy and clinical supervision. Joan brings to the practice fifteen years of mental health counseling experience, an in-depth understanding of therapeutic techniques, and an impressive track record of successfully helping clients with diverse mental health struggles reach their goals and create positive behavioral change.

One of Joan's areas of expertise is the skilled and compassionate way she conducts Initial Clinical Assessments for our newest clients. When you schedule an appointment with Joan to begin therapy at Dr. Fallon's Practice you can feel secure and confident knowing that during this appointment you will be treated with the utmost respect and you will feel supported at this initial stage in your therapeutic journey.


Joan’s twenty-year career in the police department that culminated with her work in the special victims unit inspired her to become a therapist. Joan’s wealth of lived experience and deep respect for spirituality and diversity informs her approach to person-centered therapy.


Joan is extremely skilled in helping people who struggle with anxiety, depression, panic disorder, agoraphobia, and challenging life transitions. Joan draws from a variety of therapies to best meet the needs of each individual client, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure and response prevention, and systematic desensitization. Joan is passionate about helping individuals and families of all ages enhance their lives by creating the changes they want to experience.


Joan’s approachable style and genuine desire to help others live more fully is at the heart of her clinical work. Joan understands that the first step to creating change is most often the hardest step and she looks forward to welcoming you to Dr. Fallon's Practice and to learning your story so you can begin to experience a healthier, happier, and calmer life.

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