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Allison April, MA, MHC-LP


Allison April, MA, MHC-LP has joined the team, and we are so excited she is here! Allison is a New York State Mental Health Counselor (Limited Permit) who received her MA in Mental Health Counseling from New York University and her BA in psychology from Muhlenberg College.


Allison’s message to anyone considering therapy exemplifies the warm, caring, and encouraging therapist she is: “If you are reading this, you are almost there! Finding a therapist is not easy and it takes time. It is hard to read only a few paragraphs and have to decide if this is a person you can trust or if it’s someone who is able to understand you. As therapists, we write about our approach, our values, and clinical areas we have gravitated towards. Our hope is that this helps you gain insight into who we are and what it could look like to work together. You are almost there!” -Allison


Allison takes an integrative approach that focuses on empowering the individual while providing a non-judgmental and empathetic environment. Allison’s theoretical orientation is rooted in a person-centered structure that incorporates techniques from narrative therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), strength-based approaches, internal family systems, holistic healing, and multicultural psychotherapy. That being said, one of the most important aspects of therapy, in Allison’s opinion, is the therapeutic relationship itself. Allison understands the importance of meeting each client where they are and creating a safe space for clients to show up as their true selves.


Allison enjoys working with adults at all different life stages. Through her lived and clinical experience, she has gravitated towards working with individuals navigating anxiety, depression, grief, anger, behavioral addictions, life transitions, relationship challenges, and family conflict. Within these areas of focus Allison is conscious to always use a trauma informed lens as she checks in with individuals to ensure their needs are being met. It is of utmost importance to Allison that she creates a safe therapeutic space to process what surfaces both during sessions and between sessions because psychotherapy is an interconnected experience.


Allison values open communication, transparency, and the impact of each individuals lived experiences. Allison offers warmth and empathy while creating an approach that best aligns with each individual. The therapeutic experience is unique to everyone and that is what makes this work so meaningful!

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