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Bianca Garcia, MS, MHC-LP


Dr. Fallon’s Practice is thrilled to welcome Bianca Garcia, MS, MHC-LP! Bianca is a proud Hispanic and Latina Mental Health Counselor (Limited Permit) with a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from SUNY New Paltz earned in August 2022, being the first in her immediate family to earn a postgraduate degree. The Student Psychological Resilience Project was created in Fall of 2020 where Bianca became a Student Resilience Advocate to combat feelings of loss and isolation during the COVID-19 lockdown. Bianca also volunteered as a staff member of Oasis/Haven at SUNY New Paltz, where she mentored current Crisis Intervention students, and provided peer counseling to those in need.


All of Bianca's previous experience led her to naturally gravitate towards working with young adults and others going through challenging life transitions, building healthy relationships, breaking generational cycles of trauma, and coping skills for anxiety and depression. Cultural competency has always been a strong value in Bianca’s therapeutic process, due to not having much representation and cultural understanding from therapists growing up. Bianca is actively practicing her Spanish conversational skills and has found giving back to those with similar cultural background to be particularly rewarding.


Bianca practices therapy through an integrative lens, exploring everything that makes an individual unique. She approaches this with compassion and curiosity. Bianca enjoys using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to challenge negative self-critical thoughts in order to reframe perspective and increase self-confidence. Using a cultural approach Bianca takes the time to understand what is uniquely challenging in a person's life when working to achieve various goals.


Bianca strongly values the importance of a therapeutic connection which she views as a cornerstone to achieving successful therapy. By modeling empathy, unconditional positive regard (non-judgmental stance), honesty and meeting the client where they are, Bianca creates a foundation of trust where clients can be vulnerable. Recognizing the challenging nature of therapeutic work, Bianca prioritizes above all else her deep desire for all of her clients to feel safe and supported while achieving their goals.

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