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Jianee Carrasco, MA-MHC, MA, MHC-LP


New York University and Columbia University trained bilingual psychotherapist, Jianee Carrasco, MA-MHC, MA, MHC-LP has joined the team and Dr. Fallon’s Practice is thrilled to welcome her aboard! Jianee is a New York State Mental Health Counselor (Limited Permit) fluent in English and Spanish with dual master’s degrees in the fields of Mental Health Counseling and Psychology in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University where her academic areas of interest included Spiritual Psychology, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Multicultural counseling.


Jianee’s professional background in the field of mental health and beyond include a strong emphasis on bridging diversity and self-development. The connection informs her approach to therapy and clinical care as her work is founded on Dr. Beck’s notion that how we address close relationships is in direct relation to how we formulate antagonistic interactions with diverse groups. Jianee values helping people acknowledge their inner potential, as well as develop their potential to foster adaptive relationships in their community. With a curiosity about spiritual psychology, Jianee can help you find your personal purpose and meaning to better maneuver intra and interpersonal relationships.


Jianee’s academic journey has provided her the bandwidth to confidently work with clients seeking guidance with relationship difficulties, purpose or worth, sexual violence and other forms of trauma. Jianee is sensitive to reconciling different facets of clients’ identity that may be leading to internal conflict including those related to gender roles, sexuality, and beliefs about mental health.


Jianee combines educational and therapeutic support for stigmatized identities, in particular racial and ethnic minority groups and LGBTQIA+ communities. Jianee also has experience treating those who struggle with eating disorders, mood disorders, interpersonal deficits, and sexual violence. A focus of her therapeutic is to help clients refocus their efforts on building courage, wisdom and compassion for themselves and others.


Jianee’s approach to fostering a powerful therapeutic relationship with her clients is founded in her commitment to encouraging collaboration and empathy, which is crucial to helping them put action towards what they want to improve in their lives and give themselves grace on their journeys. Jianee is eager about helping clients learn about themselves by bridging education and counseling. She implements consistent psychoeducation while offering open and supportive reflection throughout sessions.


Jianee draws from both Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, as well as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to aide clients in accepting experiences they have endured with little to no judgment and enhancing client motivation to apply skills to improve on unhelpful behaviors amidst their acceptance. Through a multicultural and emotion-focused approach, she works with clients of diverse backgrounds to strengthen their idea of self and create new meaning in narratives enforced by themselves and their surrounding communities. Jianee advocates for her clients regularly by keeping herself thoroughly informed on varying perspectives and emerging research. She works to bridge her knowledge and experiences to truly be a guide to her clients.


Jianee believes it is extremely important to provide a space in her sessions where clients can not only feel safe enough to be brave and demanding but courageous and vulnerable. The core of Jianee’s work focuses on inclusion and finding purpose. Jianee’s authenticity and passion beside her ongoing mission of inclusion and helping others find their purpose enable her to guide her clients effectively and contribute greatly to this team! Jianee looks forward to working with clients in both English and Spanish.

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