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Srishti Nagpal, MA, MHC-LP


Dr. Fallon’s Practice could not be happier to welcome Srishti Nagpal, MA, MHC-LP to our clinical team! Srishti is a bilingual Mental Health Counselor with a limited permit who graduated with an MA in Mental Health Counseling and Wellness from New York University, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development. Prior to excelling as a master’s level student, Srishti earned the highest distinction of magna cum laude at Ashoka University where she graduated with a B.A. in psychology. Srishti’s academic excellence in the fields of mental health and psychology, her approachable and compassionate demeanor, along with her passion and drive to help and support her clients are some of the qualities that come together to inform her work as a therapist and as a valued team member at our practice!

Srishti believes in using a person-centered approach to meet her clients where they are and collaboratively work on their therapeutic goals. She uses an eclectic blend of approaches best suited based on the client’s concerns while understanding their Attachment Styles and influences of early life experiences.


Srishti is deeply interested in working with individuals who have endured traumatic experiences and helps them develop healthy tools to navigate daily challenges and manage triggers. As a mental health practitioner, Srishti uses a trauma-informed lens to help clients gain a deeper understanding of their emotions and behavioural patterns through therapeutic approaches like Internal Family Systems and Gestalt Therapy. Additionally, she has experience in working with individuals struggling with low self-esteem and body image concerns while using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to develop a renewed perspective of self that is fuelled by self-love and compassion.

As a woman of colour, Srishti advocates and works with individuals being impacted by systems of oppression as well as marginalised identities. These include understanding immigrant experiences, BIPOC communities and sexual and gender identities. She also works well with cisgender men that find themselves constrained in rigid roles and silhouettes of masculinity drawn by a patriarchal society. Srishti has a keen interest in working with couples who might be struggling with emotional and sexual compatibility and are looking for an open and empathetic space to discuss their concerns and find amiable resolutions.


Srishti’s primary focus with all clients remains building a strong therapeutic alliance so they find the therapy space to be an inviting, comfortable and safe environment that leads to positive growth and well-being. Srishti is fluent in English and Hindi. She welcomes the opportunity to provide therapy in either language.

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